> Totaline P374-1500 Programmable (7 days) MultiStage (3 Heat/2 Cool) Thermostat

Totaline P374-1500 Programmable (7 days) MultiStage (3 Heat/2 Cool) Thermostat

Totaline P374-1500 Programmable (7 days) MultiStage (3 Heat/2 Cool) Thermostat

About This Thermostat

MFG: Totaline
MFG#: P374-1500
Our#: 101579
Programmable: Yes (7 Day)
Stages: 3H & 2C
System Compatibility: Multi-Stage
Power Options: Power-Stealing
Heat/Cool Changeover: Automatic or Manual
Programmable Fan: Yes
Temperature Limits: No
Keypad Lockout: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Vacation Hold: No
Dual Fuel vs. Advanced Heat Pump

Advanced Setup Step # 4 (see Manual) allows this thermostat to be configured to control 2 heat sources (Dual Fuel) or, to have maximum flexibility in controlling multi-stage heat pumps (Advanced Heat Pump).
-Dual Fuel systems utilize an outdoor temperature sensor. When the outdoor temperature is at or below the Changeover Balance Point, advanced setup step #6, page 12, the primary heat source is 'locked out' and the heat source connected to W3 is energized. There is a 3 degree deadband from the Changeover Balance Point, which requires the outdoortemperature to rise 3 degrees before switching back to the primary heat source.
-Advanced Heat Pump operation allows maximum flexibility when controlling multi-stage heat pumps. Turn on times between stages, between deadbands are installer adjustable. When used with an outdoor temperature sensor, the 3rd
stage is 'locked out' unless the outdoor temperature is at or below the adjustable Changeover Balance Point. If an outdoor temperature sensor is not installed, the 3rd stage is locked out.

-Large, easy to read display
-Auto Changeover
-Dual-Setpoint with adjustable deadband setpoint adjustment range from 35° - 99° F, switchable to °C
-7 Day Programmable with up to 4 Time Periods per day, with copy command for easy programming
-Holiday programming (up to 99 days per year)
-Energy Watch keeps track of energy use by tracking heating and cooling hours
-Programmable Fan - adjustable 0 to 60 minutes each hour
-Thermostat Locking - Setpoints can be adjusted only by authorized individuals if this feature is on
-Thermoglow Continuously Lit Electro-luminous Display
-Display shows both heating and cooling setpoints and room temperature simultaneously
-Maintains temperature to within 1° of setpoint
-Adjustable deadband - can be adjusted to 1 to 6 degrees
-Temperature sensor calibration
-All programming and setpoints stored in non-volatile memory and are never lost in power failure
-Service filter indicator (adjustable 200 to 1950 hours)
-Sleek styling and white color blend beautifully into any decor
-Red/Green LED shows whether thermostat is calling for Heating or Cooling
-5 minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit, both overrideable for servicing equipment
-Optional outdoor sensor and outdoor temperature display