> Robertshaw 9615 Programmable (7 day) MultiStage Thermostat

Robertshaw 9615 Programmable (7 day) MultiStage Thermostat

Robertshaw 9615 Programmable (7 day) MultiStage Thermostat

About This Thermostat

MFG: Robertshaw
MFG#: 9615
Our#: 101098
Programmable: Yes (7 day)
Stages: 2H & 2C
System Compatibility: Multi-Stage
Power Options: 24 VAC Hardwire
Heat/Cool Changeover: Manual
Programmable Fan: No
Temperature Limits: No
Keypad Lockout: No
Backlight: No
Vacation Hold: No


The 9600 Series are the perfect thermostats for affordable home temperature control. This series was engineered to meet the heating and cooling needs a busy lifestyle demands.

All models feature easy one button programming that can be set for both summer and winter at installation. Each thermostat will allow for temporary manual temperature adjustments.

Automatic Compressor Short Cycle Protection
A system safeguard. Reduces wear and tear of HVAC equipment.

7 Day Programming
Seven separate daily programs with four time and temperature changes per day allow maximum flexibility.

Allows 7 days to be programmed all at once.

EERT(Energy Efficient Recovery)
Increased energy savings. EERT allows gradual recovery from setback temperature to minimize use of auxiliary systems.

Worry-Free Memory Storage
Even during power outages, 2"AA" batteries continuously maintain all program parameters, including time of day.

Adjustable 1st and 2nd Stage Temperature Differential
Maintains optimal customer comfort.

Temporary Program Override
Allows for manual temperature adjustment.

Toll-Free Assistance
Toll-Free Technical Service number printed right on the thermostat provides immediate assistance.

Quick Wire Terminal Block
Fast and easy installation. Uses sturdy wire clamps - no wrap-around of screws.

24 Volt AC(18-30 VAC) - must have 24VAC "common" wire
1 amp maximum load per terminal
3 amp total maximum load
(all terminals combined)
Temperature control range:
45º - 90ºF (7º - 32ºC)
Accuracy: +/-1º (+/-.5ºC)
DC power: 3.0 VDC
(2 "AA" alkaline batteries included)
System configurations:
Multi-stage gas, oil or electric heating/ cooling syatems (up to two stage heat,
two stage cool)
R, W1, Y1, Y2, O, B, G, W2, C
1st Stage Differential: 1º - 5ºF
2nd Stage Differential: 2º - 6ºF