Jackson Systems Temp-StatT CL-55

Jackson Systems Temp-StatT CL-55

About This Product

MFG: Jackson Systems
MFG#: CL-55
Our#: 110256
55 degree Compressor Lockout Thermostat

Low cost (about ½ the cost of a conventional thermostat).
Rugged construction. Heat, moisture, paint and drywall dust do not affect its operation.
Mercury-free. Safe for the environment.

How Temp-StatT works:
Temp-StatT works just like any other or cool-only thermostat. It is a special bimetal thermostat with the same characteristics as any room thermostat.

This cooling version (CL-55, CL-70 or CL-75) of the Temp-Stat "makes" on a rise in temperature. It is recommended that a 2-wire short cycle timer be installed in the control circuit of the cooling unit (some units may have this built in).