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100 Years of Programmable Thermostats
Honeywell can trace its roots back to 1885, when inventory Albert Butz filed the first patent for the damper-flapper, an automatic temperature control that regulated furnace heat.
When the temperature dropped below a pre-set threshold, a pulley system opened the furnace door allowing fresh air to fan the fire. When the fire heated up sufficiently, the thermostat signaled the motor to turn another half revolution, closing the damper and dampening the fire.

Honeywell (then the Electric Heat Regulator Co., Minneapolis, MN) introduces the first setback (programmable) clock thermostat, the Jewell.
The user set the temperature down at night and the clock set it back up in the morning.

The Model 57 was one of four thermostats featured in Honeywell's 1913 catalog, and had two clocks. One set the temperature down, and the other set it back up. It was extremely popular in commercial buildings.

Honeywell's Model 77 was a best seller from 1924 until its wind-up mechanism was replaced by the electric clock in 1934. It was named for the number 77 on the jersey of Harold "Red" Grange, great halfback of the Illinois football team.
1924 also marked the year of the first Heat Anticipation thermostat (contained a light to show when the burner was on) and the first "Customer Special" - the Model K made for Sears Roebuck.

The T105 Chronotherm electric clock thermostat was first introduced in 1934 under the Thermochron name, but was later renamed to Chronotherm in 1935.
Also introduced in 1935 was the first three-wire thermostat, and the first thermostat with positive-shutoff.

This is a prototype of the first "Honeywell Round" thermostat. The Round was shelved until after wartime adversary, before later being mass-produced in the 1950's.
1941 was the year Honeywell first entered the business of mass-production manufacturing for military instruments and equipment, developing the first electric auto-pilot used on B-29 planes.

This is an advertisement of the TM850 Chronotherm featuring "Time-Modulation", easy installation and an accurate "Telechron" clock.
In 1953 the TM850 sold for just $34.50.

The introduction of the T832 Day-Night "Round" thermostat with a wind-up timer for semi-automatic night setback. 1960 also marked the year that the first T87F Heating/Cooling "Round" thermostat was produced.
A year earlier, Honeywell's hand controls helped Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land safely on the moon in the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

Honeywell launches the W884 Comfort Control Center programmable thermostat, which combined the T87F Round thermostat with the H86 Humidistat to control both temperature and humidity for complete home comfort.

The T8082 "Fuel Saver" Chronotherm programmable thermostat is released. This Chronotherm employed a self-starting quartz clock with a battery backup in case of power failures.

Introduction of the Chronotherm III Programmable Thermostat which featured high-tech electronic circuitry for push-button programming and patented "adaptive intelligence recovery" logic.

Honeywell introduces its most advanced programmable thermostat, perhaps ahead of its time.
The PC8900 Perfect Climate Comfort System controlled more than just temperature with added controls for humidification, dehumidification and ventilation - plus reminders to change air filters.

Honeywell introduces the Chronotherm IV thermostat with full seven-day programming capabilities, and a "copy" key to make programming faster.
The entire Chronotherm family improved with larger displays and brighter backlighting. 1999 was also the year that Honeywell introduced the T8000 and T8112 lines, bringing one-touch programming to the market.

Honeywell goes wireless with the programmable T8665 Chronotherm RF Thermostat.
The T8665 makes it easier for contractors to retrofit temperature and zoning controls into the home.

Honeywell introduces the revolutionary VisionPRO 8000; 7-Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat that makes programming "effortless" for the homeowner.
Over 1 million units were sold in the first year, and VisionPRO continues to be the most award-winning, best selling thermostat on the market.

Honeywell introduces the FocusPRO 6000 5-1-1 Day Programmable Thermostat with the largest screen in its class and improved features like built-in instructions and easy-access battery replacement.

Honeywell celebrates its 100th Anniversary of the programmable thermostat and demonstrates its 100 years of experience and innovation with the release of the VisionPRO IAQ Total Home Comfort System.
The VisionPRO IAQ eliminates the need for multiple controls in the living space by managing temperature, humidification, dehumidification, veltilation - all from a single, easy-to-use touchscreen control.