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1 Heat/1 Cool

These thermostats will run systems that have no more than 1 source of heat and 1 source of cooling (some may also control more complex systems).

Electric Baseboard & Line Voltage

These thermostats will operate Line Voltage systems (such as 120V or 220V baseboard electric heating).

Heat Pump

These thermostats offer terminals to switch the reversing value on a Heat Pump system. Most of these thermostats also offer atleast 1 stage of backup heating (only Single Stage - 1 Heat/1 Cool does not offer backup heating).

Multi-Stage Heat/Cool

These thermostats will operate systems with more than 1 stage of heating/cooling.

Heat Only

These thermostats will accomodate a Heat Only system. Many manufacturers offer only a limited selection of Heat Only thermostats. Heat Only operation can usually be achieved with a 1 heat/1 cool thermostat by leaving the "cooling" wire (usually yellow) disconnected.

Mechanical - Mercury Free

Replace your vintage thermostat with something that looks vintage! These simple, mechanical thermostats are all mercury free!!


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