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Why You Should Install a Locking Thermostat Cover
Posted 9/13/2013

What is it?

A locking thermostat cover is a great option for individuals concerned about rising utility costs. These simple devices feature a plastic or metal cover, which is typically locked by a key. They completely cover the thermostat and are an inexpensive solution for sky high energy bills caused by setting the thermostat at costly temperatures.

There are two types of bases for locking thermostat covers. One is known as a "ring base" and is suitable for placing over thermostats that have already been installed. These are perfect for individuals who already have a thermostat and decide to add a locking guard later on. The other mounting device is referred to as a "solid base" and is most useful for those who intend on purchasing a locking thermostat cover before they install their thermostat.


Thermostat covers are an inexpensive energy management product perfect for landlords or property managers. Covers can be used to help minimize your energy bill, maintain a certain temperature, or prevent people from changing the thermostat from one extreme to another.   Whatever your reason may be, there's really no limit to the number of ways you can put a thermostat guard to use in your home.

Some other places that might benefit from installing thermostat guards include:

·          Offices

·          Lobbies

·          Hospitals

·          Supermarkets

·          Restaurants

·          Schools

·          Stores

·          Dorms

·          Community Centers

·          Hotels

·          Public Areas

·          Communal Housing

Types offers a variety of guards to fit your thermostat needs. Each cover has its own unique specifications, but they can essentially be generalized into two categories - metal and plastic.

A simple comparison of the two types is shown below.

As you can see, there isn't much difference between a metal or plastic thermostat cover. The main differences all depend on the purpose of the thermostat cover and whether they'll better suit your needs.


Metal covers are for those wanting a heavy duty guard. Most metal covers don't allow visibility of the thermostat when it is closed. There are generally vented holes throughout the cover to allow air in for accurate temperature reading.   Almost all of the metal covers work universally with any thermostat, but you should always double check before making your purchase. All of the metal guards come with at least one working key.

Sizing and color are the only other main differences between the metal and plastic thermostat covers. Also, the guard must be slightly larger than your thermostat in order for it to fit. The color is generally tan, but the shades can vary. Check to make sure the individual specifications work for your thermostat.


Plastic covers are for those not as concerned about durability and who wish to have visibility of the thermostat. There are differing levels of durability for these covers, which range from medium to heavy duty plastic. Most plastic covers are clear, making the actual thermostat visible when the cover is locked.

All of the covers offered by currently lock using a key. There are also versions that use a code for those interested. Each box includes at least one key.

Sizing varies for each plastic cover. Make sure you ordering a cover larger than your thermostat, otherwise it will not work.

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