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NEW Aprilaire 8400 Series Thermostats are Here!
Posted 11/4/2009


The new Aprilaire 8400 Thermostats are here, in-stock, and ready to ship!

Aprilaire has listened to customers and contractors  - and has developed a line of thermostats that offer an unprecedented level of control. 

In a nutshell - the 8400 Electronic Thermostats are for the homeowner looking for an attractive, programmable thermostat that is eavy on features, easy to install and priced right.

Until now - it's been difficult to find a replacement thermostat that has the advanced features that homeowners demand.  You will not find many thermostats that will offer these features for about $50.00

  • Circulation Fan (turns on HVAC fan to run more air through your filter, promoting better indoor air quality)
  • Outdoor Sensor Ready (displays the outdoor temperatur on the screen when connected to 8052 outdoor sensor)
  • Filter Change Reminder (tells you when to change your furnace filter, humidifier pad, etc.)
  • Permanent Memory Storage (settings not lost when the power goes out)
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty

Beyond all this - these thermostats look great and will provide a handsome addition to any home! 

There are 6 models to choose from - depending on what type of heating/cooling system you are controlling:

Model 8444 - Single Stage, Non-Programmable
Model 8446 - Heat Pump, Non-Programmable
Model 8448 - Multistage, Non-Programmable

Model 8463 - Single Stage, Programmable
Model 8465 - Heat Pump, Programmable
Model 8466 - Multistage, Programmable

If we can answer any questions about these thermostats - contact our knowledgeable staff at 866-764-9900