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Benefits of a Tamper Proof Thermostat
Posted 9/13/2013

What is a Tamper Proof Thermostat?

Tamper proof thermostats are set with hard temperature limits and cannot be easily adjusted. This type of thermostat is programmed to only cool as low as a certain temperature limit, say 70 degrees, and only heat as high as a different temperature limit, say 76 degrees.

These types of thermostats are generally known as landlord thermostats.   They gained this nickname due to the multitude of landlords utilizing tamper proof thermostats.   Tamper proof thermostats are perfect for landlords and property owners who wish to prevent tenants from setting the thermostat at extreme temperatures. Tenants don't pay much attention to the temperature settings when utilities are included in the price of the rent. This means landlords may end up with extremely high energy bills. Luckily, Tamper proof thermostats are a great and relatively inexpensive solution for these types of problems.

Cost Efficiency

Utility bills are generally one of the largest operating costs property owners and landlords encounter. Of those utility bills, almost 50 percent are spent on heating and cooling. Tamper proof thermostats can cut down on outrageous utility costs.

Limiting temperature options can make a noticeable difference in utility costs. We used an energy estimating calculator from CPS Energy Savers to show how much you can save for a two bedroom, 1000 sq ft apartment in Texas. The chart below shows the differences in costs when setting the cooling temperature from 68 degrees to 78 degrees.

If you were the landlord of this apartment and let your tenant control the temperature, then you could be looking at utility costs as high as $1400 if they prefer a very cool living space. Limiting the thermostat in your tenant's apartment to 74-78 degrees would annually cost an average of $877. You could be saving up to or more than $500 in utility costs per apartment! The savings could be extreme if you are a landlord of dozens of apartments.

Obviously this is just an example, but the lessons can be applied to any situation. If you allow your tenants to change their thermostats without any preset limits, then you could be facing extreme utility costs. Installing a tamper proof thermostat is a great cost saving alternative.


The use of these types of thermostats is not limited to just landlords, despite the nickname. There are many uses for tamper proof thermostats such as:

  • Residential Apartments
  • Vacation Homes
  • Office Spaces
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Conference Centers
  • Rentals

Any of these places could benefit from installing tamper proof thermostats. In most instances, the owners of these types of buildings are already trying to cut costs and save energy. Simple instructions make it easy for anyone to program and install the thermostats. Tamper proof thermostats can be an easy low cost solution with big savings.

What To Buy

Tamper proof thermostats may be the perfect solution for your problem, but what thermostat should you buy?

We suggest you purchase a Tamper Proof Braeburn Thermostat. Braeburn thermostats are the most effective landlord thermostat because unlike other brands they truly are tamperproof. You can read more about why we recommend Braeburn thermostats here.

There are different types of Braeburn thermostats including heat only, single stage, multistage, programmable and more. Find the correct thermostat for your needs and energy system through our thermostat finder. We recommend you buy one to test out first. Once you know you have found the perfect thermostat, come back and order more in bulk if necessary. We offer quantity discounts to save you money.

All you have to do is program and install the thermostats, then sit back and enjoy the savings!

Note: Make sure to consult local laws to find out what limits are in place for providing heating and/or cooling to tenants before you purchase a tamper proof thermostat.